Thursday, January 6, 2011

This school thing I'm doing

Many many people keep asking about what I am taking at school. And many keep asking how its going.

I don't like repetition, so I decided I would create a blog page regarding "this school thing" and what it is all about.

My life's dream, my biggest wish, my soul's desire has been to become an elementary school teacher since I was around the age of eleven. At the end of high school, I was declined for concurrent education. I went on to complete a science degree at Trent in Psychology, and focused as much as possible on child development and educational psychology.

At the end of my degree I applied for consecutive education, this time I was wait listed. I was so close, but I wasn't playing horse shoes.

One very dark, dismal, winter day when I was sitting alone at home with little to look forward to and little to inspire me, I began web surfing. I started at Trent, checking out the new Emphasis on Education program that began after I graduated. I then progressed to Queens, and then I checked out the Ontario College of Teachers. I found a list of all the Faculties of Education that were offering approved part - time Teacher Education programs in Ontario.

Trent was on the list, and the program looked great, 2 years instead of 1, but I wasn't sure about it. I'd been to Trent, suicide capital among universities in its hey day, movie set for a really really bad sequel, and full of hippies. Great place, perfect for my undergrad, but I didn't want to go back.

Then I hit on it. State University of New York offered a program in Ottawa that was a Master's level in the states. Apparently it doesn't meet all of the Master's level requirements here, but the point is, its an amazing program, taught in Canada.

I went to an information session, and fell in love. I talked to former teachers and principals of mine, now friends, and they told me how great it was to get SUNY teachers. I applied, got accepted, and decided to wait an extra year before starting.

The grading scheme is a little intimidating. 72% is no longer my fall back grade. It happens to be a fail. 80% is a B-, 90% an A-. I am sure you get the picture, its pretty demanding and pretty daunting.

First course was Introduction to Education. We looked at major issues and policies in education as well as leading pedagogy and the various proponents.

Final grade..... 90%

Second course was Development and Education. We looked at child development, common theorists, and current issues affected by development.

Final grade.....90%

More to follow as time marches on.........

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